Corporate Management team pay

View salary information for our Corporate Management team.

Each year salaries and pensions of senior management are published as part of our annual accounts.

The Scottish Joint Negotiating Committee (SJNC) for local authorities sets the salaries for Chief Executives of local authorities.

Directors' salaries are at our discretion and the policy on salaries is approved by council. All directors are paid at a fixed salary point, which increases only as a result of nationally agreed inflationary increases.

The Chief Executive and directors are paid a fixed salary with no access to bonus payments for these roles.

The Chief Executive also undertakes the role of Returning Officer for elections. They are paid separately for this duty with the rate paid set by Parliament. This payment is only made in years when an election occurs and also varies with the type of election.

In her role as Returning Officer, the Chief Executive asks a number of staff to support the proper running of the election and on occasion directors may take on some duties and receive payment.

Pension contributions

The Chief Executive and directors have the opportunity to pay into the Strathclyde Pension Scheme on the same terms as all other employees of ours.

The scheme is funded by an employer's contribution of 19.3% of salary and an employee's contribution of between 7% and 12% depending on the salary earned.

Higher paid employees make a higher contribution but their final pension benefits are calculated in the same way as all other employees.

The table below shows our annual accounts and the in year employer's pension contribution and total value of the employee's pension on retirement.

The value of the pension is based on the employee's salary and the number of years of membership of the scheme plus any funds transferred in from other pension schemes. In addition, the Chief Executive accrues pension benefits in her role as Returning Officer. 

Please note, employee contributions and any additional voluntary contributions are not shown as these are regarded as personal data.

Business expenses

The Chief Executive, directors and all other employees can claim business expenses, which are necessary to carrying out their job. Such expenses comply with the HMRC schemes and as such are not taxable.

Typically these expenses will cover reimbursement for business mileage, train fares and overnight accommodation when travelling on business. 

Corporate Management team finances for 2021 to 2022 


Total salary


(in year pension contribution)


(per annum on retirement)

Lump sum 

(on retirement)

Non-taxable expenses and allowances

Lorraine McMillan
Chief Executive






Caroline Innes*
Deputy Chief Executive
(Retired 30/01/22)

Mark Ratter
Director of Education






Julie Murray
Chief Officer of East Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership Integration Joint Board






Andrew Cahill
Director of Environment






Margaret McCrossan
Head of Accountancy (Chief Financial Officer)






Louise Pringle
Director of Business Operations & Parnerships (commenced 31/01/22)


* Caroline Innes, full year equivalent salary for 2021/22 was £113,575

Last modified on 18 May 2022