Digital telecare

Online resources, information and applications to support your health and wellbeing.

There's lots of technology that can also help to support your health and wellbeing. You can use:

  • visual communication technology to help you stay in touch with loved ones who are far away
  • online information to manage a health condition
  • websites to find out what groups and activities are happening near you
  • remote controls to let you control your heating, doorbells or other devices from your armchair without bending down
  • health-friendly appliances such as dementia-friendly toasters and kettles to stay independent
  • shop online if you find it difficult to get to the shops

Get online at your local library

If you're new to the internet or don't have access to your own equipment, drop into an East Renfrewshire library.

You can get access to:

  • computers with high speed internet
  • free WiFi
  • self-learning websites
  • power supply for laptops
  • assistive technologies
  • printing facilities

Online resources

The following websites provide useful information 

ADAM (About digital and Me)


Last modified on 22 February 2024