Technology Enabled Care

Technology Enabled Care (TEC) is the umbrella term to describe how technology can be used to support health and wellbeing. This includes Telecare, Telehealth and digital health and care.

Telecare: community alarms

Simple technology that links you to an emergency response centre that provides help 24/7 to people of all ages.

Telehealth: Florence

We're introducing Florence (Flo for short) which allows you to manage your health using a simple text messaging system.

Make the most of digital for health and care

Online resources, information and applications to support your health and wellbeing.

Telecare self check tool

Take the quick self-check test to see if you or someone you know could benefit from Telecare.

Telecare: analogue to digital switchover

Find out why and how telecare is changing.

Apply for Telecare

Contact the Technology Enabled Care team to apply for a telecare alarm or additional telecare equipment.

Contact the Technology Enabled Care team

Ask a question about Telecare online.