Find out about community alarms , a simple technology that links you to an emergency response centre that provides help 24/7 to people of all ages.

About Telecare

Telecare is also known as a community alarm. It provides a link from your home to our 24 response centre, Safety Net.

The alarm allows you to call for help in an emergency at the touch of a button.

Additional equipment can:

  • sense risks such as smoke and floods
  • call for help if you fall
  • support with the management of continence care
  • help you stay safe when you are out and about
  • notify someone if you leave your home in the middle of the night and would have difficulty finding your way home

How Telecare works

Telecare is easy to install. The alarm unit fits to your telephone point and mains power supply. Any sensors you need link by tiny radio transmitters so there are no visible wires.

The equipment raises an alert to Safety Net. The Safety Net operators have access to your details and communicate with you through your alarm unit.

Safety Net operators are trained to deal with emergency situations. They can contact:

  • a member of your family
  • your doctor or nurse
  • emergency services such as ambulance or police
  • a mobile response carer to visit your home

Telecare benefits

Telecare doesn't replace your family or carers who visit you at home. However, it can give you confidence to live at home safe in the knowledge help is at hand when you need it.

If you are a carer, Telecare can provide reassurance the person you care for can get help when you're not available.

Telecare costs

You can get Telecare on loan but the council owns the equipment.

The first 6 weeks are free. After that, the charge is £2.75 per week + VAT. We'll send you a quarterly bill or if we already charge you for care services, we'll add it to your regular bill.

Telecare criteria

Telecare is open to East Renfrewshire residents who live at home and are vulnerable due to disability, health issues or other risk factors.

Apply for Telecare

Find out how to apply for telecare and submit an online application 

Last modified on 22 February 2024