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About our services

We currently own and manage around 3,000 rented homes in East Renfrewshire.

All tenancy related matters, such as the day to day management of our properties and the supply of services to tenants, are handled through our Barrhead office.

Your first point of contact will be Customer Service. If they're unable to deal with your enquiry they may put you in touch with a Housing Officer.

If the Housing Officer is unavailable at the time of your call, your enquiry will be logged. 

We'll always aim to respond within 3 working days or 24 hours in the case of an emergency. 

What we can arrange

  • A translation service if your first language isn't English
  • Help with communication difficulties
  • A private interview
  • An interview with an officer of the same sex

What we do

Tenancy services

  • Answer any enquiries and send you a letter advising you on the outcome of your application within 20 working days from receipt of your application
  • Have a medical board every month and process the results within 3 working days
  • Select a new tenant for vacant houses within 3 working days of termination. If unsuccessful, we'll make further selections within 3 working days.

Homelessness applications

  • Ensure that all roofless applicants are offered and interviewed the same day. If you can't travel to an interview that day we will offer you a telephone interview and assess whether you should be offered temporary accommodation.
  • If you're homeless but not roofless that day, we'll offer you an interview within 2 working days, except where you request a specific date beyond this timescale. You will be interviewed by a trained officer. 
  • Complete our investigation of your case and inform you of our decision in writing within 28 days, subject to relevant information and contact

Major improvements

  • Endeavour to give you 28 days notice before carrying out any major works to your property that may cause disruption

Council house repairs

  • Emergency category response within 24 hours - carry out an emergency repair, for example, where there is no heating. If a full repair is not possible, we'll supply temporary heating until a repair can be carried out
  • Urgent category response within 10 working days - provide routine repairs, for example, renew a light switch or fix a small leak. Where possible, we'll offer an appointment for this category of work
  • Cyclic category response within 25 working days - provide routine repairs, for example, fix small cracks in plaster work. Where possible, we'll offer an appointment for this category of work

Tenant participation

  • Monitor and regularly review our performance, actively involving tenants in this process. We'll also monitor the effectiveness of consultation and its influence on service delivery
  • Welcome any comments you wish to make on our services and carry out surveys on a regular basis to gain opinions on the delivery of our services

Landlord registration

  • Carry out any enquiries relating to your application and inform you of our decision within 2 months from receipt of your application

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Last modified on 10 July 2024