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Roads and Lighting

Report a road, drainage or pavement fault

How to report a fault or problem (including flooding and potholes) with the road network or public footpaths online.

Non-emergencies should be reported online

Most faults are non-emergencies and can be reported online. Non emergencies include:

  • Gullies not working properly (poor drainage causing flooding).
  • Missing ironwork such as gully gratings and inspection chamber covers.
  • Potholes in the road or footway.
  • Water leaking onto a road or footway.

M77 and A726-GSO
Although the Council look after the vast majority of local roads we don't deal with any of the M77 towards Kilmarnock or the A726 Glasgow Southern Orbital towards East Kilbride. These are looked after by the private contractors Scotland Transerv and Connect. They can be contacted on the Traffic Scotland Customer Care Line at 0800 028 1414.

What information will I need to give online?

The more information you give us, the better. We need details of the fault and, in particular, as good a description as possible of where it is.

You don't have to give us your name, address and phone number, but if you do, it will help us get back in touch with you about the fault if we need to.

Submit a non-emergency road or pavement fault

Claim for damage to your vehicle

You may be able to claim for compensation if your vehicle has been damaged by a road.

You'll need to tell us: 

  • details of the damage and include photos
  • why you think we are responsible
  • specific location damage took place
  • date and time of damage

Submit a claim for damage to your vehicle


Any fault that is causing a clear and present danger can be treated as an emergency. Emergencies can be reported by telephone:

  • During office hours: 0141 577 3001 (Monday to Thursday 8.45-4.45pm, Friday 8.45-3.55pm).
  • Out of hours (including public holidays), RALF: 0800 373635.

How quickly will the fault be repaired?

This will vary depending on the type of fault and how easy it is for us to find it based on the information you give us.

We will decide if the fault is emergency or non-emergency and respond to it within the following timescales:

Response times for road and pavement faults Road and pavement faults
Emergencyattend site within two hours

Non-emergency category:
(Assessed and prioritised into one of 2 categories)

1target is 8 working days for completion
2Put on list of future repairs during routine work

Other organisations may be responsible for faults relating to water, sewers, electricity, gas and telephones. We will tell them about the fault and ask them to take the necessary action.

Safety Inspections Procedures and Guidance

The Council's manual which defines the standards for inspections on the public roads of East Renfrewshire together with the nature and priority of response to defects encountered can be viewed at:


Please note, if the flooding is the result of a burst water main or appears to be contaminated with sewage, please contact Scottish Water:

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