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Ending your council tenancy

Information on what to do you if you want to end your council tenancy.

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A Scottish Secure Tenancy can only be ended by:

  • Written agreement between both the council and the tenant
  • Four week's notice in writing from the tenant to the council
  • The death of the tenant and there is no legal successor, or the successor declines the tenancy
  • Abandonment procedures where the house is empty and the tenant no longer intends to occupy the house as their main home.
  • Conversion to a Short Scottish Secure Tenancy
  • Court order for eviction. Before the Council can raise court action to recover possession, a notice must be served. This notice is called a 'Notice of Proceedings'.

A Scottish Secure Tenancy also ends when a tenant exercises her/his right to buy their house.

As well as serving this notice on tenants, a copy of the notice must also be served on any qualifying occupiers. A qualifying occupier is someone who occupies the house as their only or principal home and who is:

  • A member of the tenant's family aged 16 or over
  • A sub-tenant, lodger, or person to whom the tenancy has been assigned, that is, to whom the tenancy has been passed over.

How much notice should I give if I want to end my tenancy?

You must give the council 4 week's notice, in writing before moving home. You will still need to pay rent and council tax during your notice period.

How do I give notice to the council?

You will need to complete a "Termination of Tenancy Form" This form can be obtained from housing services, and is also available to download on this page. Alternatively you can submit a letter detailing your intention to terminate. You should make sure that you've paid any arrears for rent or council tax before handing in your keys.

How do I return my house keys to the council?

The keys should be labelled with your name and the address. You can deliver your keys to the Council's main offices in Barrhead or Eastwood Park. We will issue you with a receipt, which you should keep, when you hand over the keys.

What if I leave my home without giving notice?

You will be held responsible for any repairs that need to be re-charged to you, you will also be held responsible for rent for the full four weeks notice even if you don't live in the house for that time.

Because we will need to take formal legal steps to recover your tenancy, you will also be held liable for the costs associated with this action and also the cost of securing the house and replacing locks.

What information will the Council need from me?

As well as your notice of termination, we will need a note of your new address and, if you have it, a contact phone number: Also, we would ask you for dates/times when it would be convenient for us to visit your home.

Why do I need to give access to my home during the period of termination?

We need to come into your home to carry out an inspection. This means that we can find out if there are any repairs needed to prepare your home for a new tenant. We will also check if there are any repairs needed that are your responsibility.  This gives you the chance to arrange them yourself or for us to carry them out. If we carry them out we would charge you for it.

If you are moving to another council house, your move may be cancelled if you haven't carried out the repairs. We may also ask that you allow a new tenant to visit your home, but we will arrange an appointment that you're happy with.

What type of work will I require to attend to before moving out?

As a general rule you should make sure that:

  • Your decoration is fresh, and free from damage,  all paintwork, cupboards, kitchens units, work tops and bathroom fittings are washed down, and clean.
  • The property is cleared of all carpets (unless you have agreed this with Housing Services), and furniture and other items are removed from the house, garden and garden shed.
  • There are two sets of keys to each external lock and close doors or storage areas(if appropriate)
  • All internal doors and other fixtures and fittings are free from damage.
  • If you have removed any fixtures or fittings including light fittings, handles, kitchen units or doors, etc, you must put them back or provide a replacement (unless we agreed at the time that this was not necessary).

If you do not do this we will charge you for getting it done on your behalf. We are unable to accept responsibility for any items or property left in the house after you leave.

What is it likely to cost for any chargeable repairs?

It is difficult to estimate accurately how much you will be charged, as this is based on how much work is needed. The costs below are approximate and do not include VAT. There will also be a 5% management charge added to the cost:

  • House clearance £200.00
  • Replace internal door £130.00
  • Renew lock £60.00
  • Wash down cupboard/bathroom fittings etc £90.00 to £140.00

You should understand that you may not be considered for a council tenancy at a later date while you have either outstanding rent or an outstanding chargeable repair account.

What will I do if I am claiming Housing benefit?

You will need to complete a new housing benefit application for your new address, which will be provided to you when you sign for your new house. If you are moving from one council house to another and are receiving housing benefit, housing benefit may be available, in certain circumstances, for both properties for a maximum period of four weeks.

You can obtain further advice on this and any other benefits related queries by contacting the Council's benefit team on 0141 577 3002. You can also get further information on benefits here: Benefits advice

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