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Bins, recycling and rubbish

Non-recyclable waste (grey bin)

A service for the collection of any waste that cannot be recycled.

Grey bin outside a residence ready to be collected

When is my grey bin emptied?

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Your grey bin should only be used to collect waste that cannot be recycled at the kerbside as the contents will be sent to a landfill site.

Landfilling waste that could be recycled is costly and a complete waste of your council tax money. Would you dig a hole in your garden and throw money into it? When you put materials that could be recycled into your grey bin, you are asking the council to do just that, but on a big scale.

Landfilling household waste cost East Renfrewshire Council £2million last year (2014). It is estimated that almost half of this could have been recycled. This money could have been invested in services that matter to you such as schools, healthcare and roads rather than rotting in the ground.

It is also a waste of valuable resources that could be used to make new items and is a source of pollution.

Everyday waste in your grey bin may include:

  • plastic films
  • polystyrene
  • food contaminated cardboard and foil
  • bagged dog waste
  • cat litter
  • disposable nappies

You can divert waste away from landfill by using your recycling collections and learning about ways to waste less.

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