About Council Tax

Find out your council tax band, who pays council tax and how we spend it.

The band of your property will be shown on your council tax bill. 

Council tax charges from 1 April 2024 to March 2025
BandCouncil tax chargeWaterWaste waterTotal
A£943.48 £168.60£195.66£1307.74
C£1257.97 £224.80£260.88£1743.65
D£1415.22 £252.90£293.49£1961.61
G£2771.47 £421.50£489.15  £3682.12

Your Council Tax bill for 2024-2025 includes an 8.8% increase in charges for your water supply and waste water collection from Scottish Water.   

These charges are based on the Council Tax Band for your home and will be shown on your Council Tax bill, even if you receive Council Tax Reduction.  The charges you pay allow Scottish Water to operate and improve services in communities across Scotland. To find out more go to the Scottish Water website, email help@scottishwater.co.uk or call 0800 0778778. 

We need to collect these charges by law but don't keep any of the income.

The Water Charges Reduction Scheme, and other discounts, exemptions and reliefs, which apply to around 50% of all households in Scotland, are in place to help those customers who may struggle to pay.

Council tax needs to be paid on all domestic properties.

The following individuals are normally responsible for paying the bill:

  • Owner, if they live in the property
  • Tenant living in the property
  • Sub-tenant living in the property
  • Anyone else living in the property
  • Leaseholder
  • Anyone else with the right to live in the property
  • Owner, if the property is empty

Joint owners or tenants

Two people can be responsible for council tax.

  • If 2 or more owners are tenants, both are responsible for paying council tax. 
  • for couples who live together, both are responsible for the other person's council tax.
  • there's only one council tax bill for each property

The Council has three sources of revenue which provide our expenditure on essential services:

Source% of funding
Council Tax21.16%
Government Funding76.19%

The Council is planning to spend £319.877m on the provision of services in 2024/25. Government grants will pay for £243.725m (76.19%) of the total expenditure, reserves will contribute £8.477m ( 2.65%) and Council Tax will meet the remaining costs of £67.675m (21.16%).

The band D Council Tax rate in 2024/25 is £ 1,415.22 (compared to £1,415.22 in 2023/24).The Scottish Average in 2023/24 was £1,417.

Our planned spend is 8.02% above the Scottish Government support figure. The expenditure figure used by the Government in the "Aggregate External Finance" (Government Support) calculation is £5,912 for each band D property and this compares to £6,386 proposed spending by the council, net of Capital Financing costs.

Council Tax 2024/25£million
Gross Expenditure329.983
Less Fees and Charges10.106
Net Expenditure319.877


Council Employees(full-time equivalents)
% change(0.99%)


Council expenditure
ServiceNet expenditure for 2024 to 2025 £mCapital charges £mTotal net expenditure £m
Social care69.481.2570.73
Leisure and recreation12.111.2513.36
Roads and lighting10.445.2315.67
Cleansing and refuse disposal9.890.5710.46
Transport subsidies and concessionary fares1.830.001.83
Planning and building control1.000.141.14
Environmental health0.810.000.81
Other services24.681.6026.28
Adjustment for capital charges  -14.69
Total net expenditure310.3624.21


Last modified on 8 April 2024