Council tax discounts and exemptions

Find out if you're entitled to an exemption or discount on your council tax.

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Some households are entitled to a reduction in council tax based on personal circumstances or the condition of the property.

Single person's discount

Council tax charge is based on two adults living in a property. If there are less than two adults in the property you may be eligible for a council tax discount of 25%. 

You can apply for a single person discount by registering for Council Tax Online.

Council Tax Online

Other discounts

Residents that aren't counted when working out the number of adults who live in a property include:

While these residents are not counted towards the number of adults that live in a property (single person's discount), they may be eligible for a different discount.

Find out if you're eligible and apply for a discount.


An exemption may be awarded from payment of council tax where a property is unoccupied or is solely occupied and:

  • vacant and unfurnished
  • undergoing major repair work or structural alteration
  • due to the death of the last occupier
  • held for use by a minister of religion
  • due to repossession
  • difficult to let because it forms part of another property
  • due to legal prohibition
  • owned by a charity
  • was last used in connection to agriculture

Certain properties may also qualify for exemption where all the occupants are:

  • students
  • under 18
  • severely mentally impaired
  • under 20 and are school or college leavers

Find out if you're eligible and apply for an exemption.

Last modified on 9 December 2022