Vacant and unfurnished exemption

Find out about vacant and unfurnished exemption and who can apply.

Who can apply?  

If your property is empty and unfurnished you can apply for a vacant and unfurnished exemption which means you don't have to pay council tax for the first 6 months.  

If a vacant and unfurnished exemption has already been awarded for the property this will count towards the 6 months.  This will not apply if the property has been lived in again for at least 6 weeks immediately before you apply for an exemption. 

What evidence do I need to submit?  

  • copy of Council Tax bill or other bills to confirm residency at alternative address
  • internal photographs of every room in the property to show it is unfurnished 
  • proof of marketing property for sale or rent if applicable 
  • if abroad, evidence of ownership or lease of property 

How do I apply?  

To apply complete a vacant and unfurnished exemption application (PDF) [237KB]  

When you've completed your application, you can submit it online together with any evidence.  It's important you have this ready. 

At the bottom of the Council Tax online screen, select 'Submit evidence to support my application'   

Submit online

What happens next?   

If you submit your vacant and unfurnished exemption application online with the correct evidence, we'll process your application as follows:  

  • Stage 1 - Submit Online  
  • Stage 2 - Application processed 
  • Stage 3 - Email confirmation - application approved 
  • Stage 4 - Discount/Exemption applied to your Council Tax account 
Last modified on 27 June 2024