Single person discount

Find out about council tax single person discount and who can apply

Who can apply for a single person discount?

Council tax charge is based on 2 adults living in a property.  If there's less than 2 adults in the property you may be eligible for a single person discount. 

Apply for a single person discount if: 

  • you're the only adult living in the property 
  • someone has moved out permanently 
  • you're reporting a bereavement 

How much single person discount can I get? 

You can get a 25% single person discount on your council tax if you're the only adult living in the property. 

What evidence do I need to submit? 

You may have to submit evidence with your application, if you don't submit this evidence your application will not be processed: 

  • If someone has move out the property, confirmation of their new residence, for example, council tax bill
  • If you're reporting a bereavement, a copy of the death certificate 

How do I apply? 

You can apply up to 14 days in advance of when you become eligible for a single person discount. 

You'll need to upload the above evidence if applicable with your application, please have this ready. 

Apply online

What happens next?  

If you submit your single person discount application online with the correct evidence, we'll process your application as follows: 

  • Stage 1 - Apply Online 
  • Stage 2 - Email confirmation - application received
  • Stage 3 - Application processed
  • Stage 4 - Email confirmation - application approved
  • Stage 5 - Discount applied to your Council Tax account 

What do I do if my circumstances change? 

You must tell us if your circumstances change and you're no longer eligible for a single person discount. To cancel your single person discount go to your Council Tax Online account and under 'apply for a discount or exemption' complete the application 'cancel a single person discount'. 

Last modified on 14 July 2023