Electric vehicle charging points

Find details of electric vehicle charge points and parking spaces and how to report a problem.

Introduction of Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Tariffs

Approval was granted by Cabinet on 1 December 2022 for the introduction of tariffs and overstay charges on public EV charging infrastructure in East Renfrewshire. The Roads Service have reviewed these tariffs and have engaged ChargePlace Scotland, the national network operator, to begin the process of implementing them.

The following tariffs will be in effect from 1 October 2023:

Charger TypeRate per kWhMinimum FeeOverstay Charge

Standard Charging Units
(7kW to 22kW)



No overstay fee

Rapid Charging Units
(50kW to 150kW)



£1.00 per minute after
60 minutes, with a
ten-minute grace period

Overstay charges will be capped at £60.

Please note that the tariffs, minimum fees, and overstay charges apply to all the connectors on a charger. For example, a rapid charging unit might have a 22kW connector in addition to its 50kW connector(s). In this case, the tariff, minimum fee, and overstay charge for rapid charging units would apply to the 22kW connector as well.

The list below details the Council owned publicly available Electric Vehicle (EV) charging chargers. Commercially owned charging chargers are privately maintained, and thus not included within the list. However, locations of all council owned and commercially owned chargers can be found on ChargePlace Scotland's website.

Electric Vehicle (EV) charging point locations

(what three words)
Charger typeCharge SpeedNumber of sockets/cables
BarrheadBarrhead Foundry Sports Centre, Water Road, Barrhead,
G78 1SW

Standard charging




BarrheadCochrane Street, Barrhead,
G78 1RF
///lshort.flows.elaborateRapid charging50kW3 (2 x 50kW cables, and 1 x 43kW cable)

Mary Young Place Car Park,  Busby,
G76 8DU


Standard Charging



ClarkstonClarskston Road, Goods Yard car park,
G76 8NE
///descended.melt.kingRapid charging50kW3 (2 x 50kW cables, and 1 x 43kW cable)
ClarkstonBusby Road, Clarkston,
G76 8BH
///switch.rarely.goingRapid Charging50kW3 (2 x 50kW cables, and 1 x 43kW cable)
EagleshamGilmour Street, Eaglesham
G76 0AY 
///relax.newest.oasisStandard charging22kW



Eastwood Park, 46 Rouken Glen Road, Giffnock, G46 7JS


Standard charging




Merryvale Car Park, Giffnock, G46 6AT


Standard charging



NeilstonNeilston Park and Ride, Kingston Road, Neilston,
G78 3DY
///hothouse.mallets.trucksStandard charging7kW


NeilstonNeilston Leisure Centre, Main Street, Neilston, G78 3NN///observe.blacked.unfilledStandard charging22kW


Newton MearnsBroomburn Shops car park, 21 Broomburn Drive, G77 5JQ///trader.soaks.priceRapid charging50kW3 (2 x 50kW cables, and 1 x 43kW cable)
ThornliebankRouken Glen Road, Giffnock, G46 7HT///flames.input.fadesRapid charging50kW3 (2 x 50kW cables, and 1 x 22kW cable)

* These two EV charging points are currently out of service. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, and are working to fix them as soon as possible.

Report a charging point problem

The Council owned publicly available EV chargers are operated and managed by ChargePlace Scotland. If there is a fault with any of the chargers, please contact ChargePlace Scotland via their online contact form, or alternatively please call their helpline at 01416 480750.


Parking is free whilst the vehicle is actively charging. EV charging bays are protected by a traffic regulation order, which restricts them to only 'electric vehicle[s] whilst actively being charged'. Community Safety enforcement officers actively enforce misuse of electric charging spaces.

Concessionary Tariff

Residents of East Renfrewshire without access to off-street parking (e.g. a driveway or a garage) can apply for a concessionary tariff, which is set at a 10% discount per kWh for both standard and rapid chargers.

Find out more about the Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Tariff Scheme and how to apply.

Additional Information

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Last modified on 25 April 2024