Gaming machines licence

Apply for a gaming machines licence.

What's a gaming machines licence?

A gaming machine licence is needed if a premise provides amusements with prizes by way of machines.

The most common applications of gaming machines are those commonly referred to as 'fruit machines' and 'one armed bandits', which make small payments. Typically these machines would be found in pubs and clubs.

Before you start

Premises with an alcohol licence ('on sales' only) have an automatic right to use up to two gaming machines of either category C or D. 

To activate this right, the licence holder must write to the Licensing Board to give notice of the intent to use the automatic right and pay a processing fee of £50.

Members clubs and miner's welfare institutes may apply for a Club Gaming Permit, which allows up to 3 gaming machines of Category B, C or D and also allows certain games of chance.

Members clubs, miner's welfare institutes and commercial clubs may apply for a club machine permit, which authorises the use of up to 3 gaming machines which can be Category B, C or D.

Duration of licence

10 years


  • The application fee is £200
  • The annual fee is £50
  • Automatic entitlement is £50

How to apply

Download a gaming machine application form (PDF) [1MB] .

Please email complete applications to

What happens next?

Your application will be sent to the Chief Constable, Police Scotland and the Licensing Standards Officer. They've 10 days to notify the Licensing Board of any comments or objections. 

The Board may ask you to attend a hearing if there are objections or comments. If there's none, the application will probably be decided without a hearing.

If you don't hear from us about the outcome of your application within a reasonable period phone Customer Services on 0141 577 4684 or email

Last modified on 10 February 2021