Local government elections 2022

Find out the local government election results for 2022

On Thursday 5 May 2022 elections took place across Scotland to elect new councillors.

Electors in East Renfrewshire were asked to elect a total of 18 councillors across 5 wards.

The results mean that the political composition of the council is 6 SNP, 5 Conservative, 5 Labour, and 2 Independent.

The Returning Officer has made voting information available.  These reports detail the results in each ward. 

Overall average turnout for East Renfrewshire was 53.4%

The candidates elected in each of the five wards are:

Number of Councillors elected: 4

  • Angela Convery (Scottish National Party)
  • Betty Cunningham (Scottish Labour Party)
  • Danny Devlin (Independent)
  • Chris Lunday (Scottish National Party)

Turnout: 47.2%

Number of Councillors elected: 3

  • Tony Buchanan (Scottish National Party)
  • Andrew Morrison (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)
  • Owen O'Donnell (Scottish Labour Party)

Turnout: 49%

Number of Councillors elected: 3

  • Colm Merrick (Scottish National Party)
  • Mary Montague (Scottish Labour Party)
  • Gordon Wallace (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)

Turnout: 56.2%

Number of Councillors elected: 4

  • Kate Campbell (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)
  • Annette Ireland (Scottish National Party)
  • David Macdonald (Independent)
  • Katie Pragnell (Labour and Co-operative Party)

Turnout: 60.2%


Number of Councillors elected: 4

  • Andrew Anderson (Scottish Labour Party)
  • Caroline Bamforth (Scottish National Party)
  • Paul Edlin (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)
  • Jim McLean (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)

Turnout: 53.1%

Candidate Election Expenses

The  notice (PDF) [64KB] (opens new window) regarding candidate spending returns has now been published.

Scottish Local Government elections 2022 final results

An analysis of the results of the 2022 Scottish Local Government Elections in all 32 councils has now been published. Read the results on the EMB website.

This  includes:

  • A summary that shows individual Council results.
  • A summary showing all Councils and Wards.
  • A summary showing all Councils and Wards, showing 'Ballot Papers Included In Count' for all Party Affiliations.
  • A summary showing all Councils and Wards, showing 'Seats Won' for all Affiliations.
Last modified on 20 June 2022