Netherlee and Stamperland Community Council

Information about Netherlee and Stamperland Community Council.

Netherlee and Stamperland Community Council

The nomination period for the Netherlee & Stamperland community council closed on Wednesday 9th June 2021. 18 valid nominations were received. As there were 18 vacancies, a community council will now be established.

The members of the Community Council are;

Catriona Milosevic

Andrew Morrison

Martin Armitage

Joanna Teuton

Victoria Pearson        -  Vice Chairperson

David McDonald

James Boyle

Pamela Kinloch

Duncan Scott

Siobhan McGuinness  - Secretary

Katie Pragnell

Graham Keany

Bob Shaw                  -  Chairperson

William Considine

Bronwen Livingston

Padraig O'Duffin      -  Padraig O'Duffin

John Boyle

Margaret Corrie

Last modified on 17 January 2022