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Planning and Building Standards

View current planning applications online

Search and view current planning applications (including planning decisions) online.

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Search for Planning Applications, Appeals and Reviews

This service allows you to:

  • Search for planning applications and associated information.

  • Look at plans and documents.

  • Make comments on an application.

  • Find decisions of planning applications and appeals.

  • Look at lists of submitted and decided applications.

Use of this site is subject to certain terms and conditions and by using it you are deemed to be agreeing to those terms and conditions. To read these please go to the online planning terms and conditions page.

You can see our weekly lists of applications on the on-line planning service as well as a complete list of all current applications:

We also produce a PDF document each week (and a list of wind turbine applications made to the council) at:

You can still see plans and get information on applications by visiting the planning office at 2 Spiersbridge Way, Thornliebank during normal office hours.

If you have any queries, please contact us at:

View current planning applications online

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