Local Development Plan

Find out about our Local Development Plan for East Renfrewshire.

The Local Development Plan (LDP1) was adopted in 2015. This has now been replaced by the Adopted LDP2 (March 2022).  LDP2 sets out the development strategy, key policies and proposals that provide the land use planning framework to guide development in East Renfrewshire up to 2031.

You can find all LDP 1 related documents in the 'Related media' section on this page and all LDP2 documents on the LDP2 page.

Supplementary Planning Guidance

Information about the Supplementary Planning Guidance that's been prepared to support the Local Development Plan.

Strategic Environmental Assessment

Find out what a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) is, its stages and what SEAs have been completed by the Strategy team.

Local Development Plan 2

Find out about the Local Development Plan 2.

Town centres

Find out planning information for our town centres.

Housing land audit

Download the latest housing land audit.