Public consultations

You must carry out a public consultation before you submit a planning application for national or major developments.

Consultations allow local communities to have the chance to have their say and make the process transparent.

Pre application screening notice

You can submit a pre application screening notice. This decides what category the work falls into. 

Download the Pre-application Screen Notice form (PDF) [69KB] (opens new window) .

If the work falls into major or national planning applications, you need to submit a proposal of application notice.

Download a Proposal of Application Notice form (PDF) [142KB] (opens new window) .

Email the Planning team with completed application forms. 

Public event and publicity

The consultation must be at least two public events. You need advertise the event in the local press. This is to make sure the community is aware of it.

Consultation feedback

This is collected by the developer.

You need to submit a report with your application to detail feedback. You also need to detail what you did for the public consultation.


You must allow at least 12 weeks between the proposal of application notice and the planning application.

You need to hold any public consultation events between these times.

Last modified on 23 March 2023