Community Rehabilitation Team

Find information on the Community Rehabilitation team and what we do.

Who we are

The Community Rehabilitation Team is a multidisciplinary healthcare team comprising:

  • Physiotherapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Rehabilitation Nurses
  • Dietitians
  • Assistant Practitioners
  • Rehabilitation Support Workers
  • Speech and Language Therapy

We are based within East Renfrewshire HSCP and have two teams which cover across Eastwood and Barrhead localities.

We aim to maximise independence and function for people following illness, injury or a decline in their health. Rehabilitation goals are made jointly with the patient and carer where appropriate.

Who we see

Adults over the age of 16 (over age of 18 years for adaptations) who are:

  • At risk of emergency admission due to a decline in mobility and function
  • Experiencing issues with mobility, falls, and activities of daily living
  • Requiring advice and support to manage the effects of a long term/ progressive condition and require rehabilitation to maximise their independence
  • Recently discharged from hospital with ongoing rehabilitation and reablement goals
  • In need of equipment and/ or adaptations to their home environment to maximise function and safety
  • Who are temporarily or longer term housebound, or who require an assessment of their home environment.

How can I access this?

The Community Rehabilitation Service operates an open referral system. This facilitates self/carer referral and referral from GPs, hospital staff, health care professionals, Social Work Services, housing, other community organisations, with the agreement of the individual.

For any further information, contact can be made with the Initial Contact Team on 0141 800 7850 which is the single point of access for any health, wellbeing and/ or social work queries in East Renfrewshire.

Other useful information 

Find out about help available if you or a family member have had a fall or are at risk of falling.

Last modified on 3 April 2024