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Children and families

Smoking and secondhand smoke

Reducing exposure to secondhand smoke and local stop smoking support services.

Take it Right Outside

Protecting yourself and your family from Secondhand Smoke

Creating a smoke-free environment at home and in your car is healthier for your children, family, visitors and pets.


Breathing in secondhand smoke which contains over 4,000 chemicals can cause harmful effects on children's health. Asthma, respiratory and middle ear infections are just some of the health problems identified. Reducing the amount of smoke within your home and car can help towards reducing some of these problems.  There is no safe level of second hand smoke even when enclosed places and rooms are ventilated. To ensure greatest protection for yourself and others, smoking outside the home and car and closing the door is advisable.

There are lots of hints and tips for creating a smokefree home and car. This can help you decide on how best to protect yourself and those around you:

Support to help you stop smoking

If you are a young person or adult who is considering stopping smoking there is local support available to help you stop for good.

Quit Your Way Scotland offer help and support to adults who are ready to stop smoking. Within in East Renfrewshire, all community pharmacies also offer support to smokers who want to stop. Please ask your local pharmacy for details.

East Renfrewshire Smokefree Community Services
Eastwood Health and Care Centre
Drumby Crescent
East Renfrewshire
G76 7HN
Tel: 0141 451 0757

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