Assessment and review

Records management arrangements are regularly and systematically reviewed with actions taken when required.


Regular assessment and review of records management systems and practice will give us a clear view of the extent that our records management practices conform to the Records Management Plan as submitted and agreed by the Keeper.


The Retention Schedule, guidance notes and other key elements of records management have been regularly reassessed since the Records Management Plan was first approved. Internal reviews and review by audit have been carried out, and we've completed the Keeper's self-assessment toolkit.

A new records management performance, risk and compliance framework will be developed to provide a process for assessing, monitoring and reviewing Public Records (Scotland) Act and our records management policy compliance and records-related business risk and performance. Outputs will be used to prioritise records management improvement action at organisation and departmental levels on the basis of continuous improvement.

Improvement actions and review

All documentation within this updated Records Management Plan has defined review dates and policy and guidance will continue to assessed and reviewed going forward.

The new records management performance, risk and compliance framework will be piloted as part of appropriate council business and digital transformation initiatives.

Responsible officer

Senior Information and Improvement Officer


Last modified on 20 May 2021