Audit trail: tracking and version control

The location of records are known and changes recorded.


We have to be able to find records when required, to know when and by whom they have been altered, and to be able to efficiently track and trace the information that we hold. This provides efficiency in information governance, ensures authenticity of records and supports legal admissibility.


We maintain a records store at the Williamwood campus. All records being accessioned into, or disposed from, this facility are accurately controlled and recorded with a rigorous system for recording retrievals and returns.

Guidance on the proper control of records within the Microsoft 365 has been developed and more general version control guidance is available.

Several line of business systems throughout the council share elements of this functionality (see examples linked below).

Improvement actions and review

We currently developing an Information Asset Register to further strengthen the establishment of authority files and clarify the responsibility for each function of records.

The provision of physical records storage remains under review.

The guidance on the audit, tracking and version control of records within the Microsoft365 environment is still evolving.

Responsible officer

Senior Information and Improvement Officer


Last modified on 20 May 2021