Crookfur, Greenfarm and Mearns Village Community Council

New Community council

Following the recent nomination period for for the election of a new community council for Crookfur, Greenfarm, Mearns Village & Westacres, the number of validly nominated candidates did not exceed the number of vacancies in any or all of the neighbourhood areas. As the total number of validly nominated candidates is between 10 and 20, the said candidates have been declared to be elected with immediate effect and no poll shall be held and the community council will be re-​established. 

The members of the community council are:

  • Rabia Baber                          Crookfur
  • Michael Moore                     Greenfarm
  • Rafia Shaheen                      Mearns Village & Westacres
  • John O'Brien                         Greenfarm
  • James Kerrigan                    Crookfur
  • Farooq Javaid Choudhry   Greenfarm
  • Gurcharanjeet Singh          Greenfarm
  • Recca Rani                            Greenfarm
  • Bryson McNeil                      Greenfarm
  • Moira Whyte                         Mearns Village and Westacres 
  • Iltaf Dean                               Mearns Village and Westacres
  • Karina Mirza                          Mearns Village and Westacres
  • Mohammed Asif                  Mearns Village and Westacres

Community Council meetings

Further information about community council meetings will be posted in due course. 




Last modified on 15 June 2022