Environmental impact assessment

Information about the process to find out the likely environmental impact of a proposed development.

How to find out if you need an Environmental Impact Assessment 

You can ask the council for a screening opinion on. This will tell you if you need to carry out an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

How to ask for a screening opinion

You need to put the request in writing to.

East Renfrewshire Council
2 Spiersbridge Way
Spiersbridge Business Park
East Renfrewshire
G46 8NG

You need to include a plan showing the location of the development. Give a description of the proposal and potential effects on the environment. You should also include actions you'll take to minimise the impact.


In most cases, we have 21 days to decide if you need to carry out an EIA.

Challenging a screening opinion

If you're unhappy with a decision you can ask the Scottish Government for a screening direction.

Last modified on 21 May 2021