Find out what you need to do if you're planning to hold an event in East Renfrewshire

Event organisers have a responsibility to protect the health, safety and welfare of everyone attending, volunteering or working at their event.

How do I apply?

If you're planning to host and event you must ensure you comply with the necessary legal obligations.

We've created a checklist which you should complete and return to us together with the required detailed documentation which is detailed on the form. Some or all items on the checklist may apply to your event

Download and complete our events checklist (Word doc) [60KB]

Required Licences 

If your event is for more than 500 persons then you'll need to apply for a Public Entertainment Licence (PEL

If you intend to sell alcohol you must also apply for an Alcohol Licence (Occasional Licence). We must receive the completed application form a minimum of 28 days before the Event. 

If you intend to hold a Public Procession, Parade or Demonstration complete a Public Procession, Parade or Demonstration application.  

If you plan to have any temporary raised structures higher than 600mm, you must apply for a Section 89 Temporary Structure permit with Building Standards.

Useful information

It's recommended that organisers consult guidance available from the Health and Safety Executive and The Purple Guide to Health, Safety and Welfare at Music and Other Events.

What happens next?

Once you've completed the checklist, Public Entertainment Licence application and any other relevant applications, please submit these with your supporting documentation to

We'll then share this with the following stakeholders who'll assess your application and make comment:

  • Licensing
  • Environmental Health/ Trading Standards
  • Building Standards / Planning
  • Civil Contingencies Service
  • Neighbourhood Services
  • Roads
  • Police Scotland
  • Scottish Fire & Rescue Service

Additional Fees

The following professional fees will be determined on a case by case basis dependent on scale and duration of the event. Fees not applicable for charitable, not for profit and life events.

Environmental Health Fees 
1 day event - no Public entertainment licence, 
less than 500 customers, up to 2 food vehicles
1 day event with Public entertainment licence, 2 to 10 food vehicles and/or music, lighting,  stages or similar£424.50
2 day event as above or larger£1273.50
3 day event as above or larger£1910.25


Events Assistance

For further advice or to arrange a meeting to discuss your event please email: You can contact any of the stakeholders below if you wish to discuss a specific element of your application. for H&S and Food for Building Standards questions for park hire and permission to use questions for planning enquiries for road, traffic management/ signs and temporary closures etc. for community wardens/ parking violations for PEL/ alcohol and other licensing questions for Civil Contingencies aspects For fire safety/ evacuation and emergency procedures for Police Scotland


Last modified on 29 February 2024