Entertainment licence

Apply and pay for an entertainment licence.

Before you start

If you're planning to host and event you must ensure you comply with the necessary legal obligations. Our events webpage sets out what you need to do and provides a check list for everything you need. 

A licence is needed if you wish to hold any of the following types of events or activities where members of the public are charged entry or are allowed to use facilities for entertainment purposes:

  • Open air concerts
  • Circuses
  • Fairgrounds
  • Large fetes with tented accommodation for the public
  • Snooker, billiard or pool halls, which don't have an alcohol licence


Entertainment licence1 April 2023
to 31 March 2024
1 year or temporary


2 years 


3 years


Temporary for up to 2,000 attendees at one time


Up to 5,000 attendees at one time


Over 5,000 attendees at one time


Approved community group (on application)

no charge


How to apply

Download a public entertainment licence application form (PDF) [587KB] (opens new window) .

Download a temporary public entertainment licence application form (PDF) [593KB] (opens new window) .

What happens next?

When your application is submitted and the appropriate fee has been paid, a copy of your application will be sent to Police Scotland, Scottish Fire and Rescue and various council departments.

Your application may also be sent to the UK Borders Agency. They'll carry out their own investigations and inspections and report back to the licensing office. A copy will also be sent to the local community council for information.

We'll usually process your application within 6 to 8 weeks. Legislation allows for consideration of the application within 3 months and a decision within 6 months.

If objections are received in relation to your application you'll be sent a copy of the letter or letters of objection.

Your application, the letter(s) of objection and your response will then be referred to a meeting. You'll be called to a hearing before the Licensing Committee and given the opportunity of addressing the committee.

Last modified on 1 April 2024