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Local Development Plan 2

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The Councils's current The Local Development Plan (LDP1) sets out policies and proposals for the use, development and protection of land within East Renfrewshire. The current Plan was adopted on 25 June 2015 and is in the process of being replaced.


Proposed Local Development Plan 2 (LDP2)

We are progressing work for a new Local Development Plan 2 (LDP2) for East Renfrewshire. The full timetable and stages for the Plan's preparation are set out in our recently revised pdf icon Development Plan Scheme [2Mb].

The Proposed Local Development Plan 2 is a land use planning document which sets the framework for the growth and development of East Renfrewshire up to 2029 and beyond.  The Proposed Plan will represent the Council's settled view as to what the final content of Local Development Plan 2 should be and has been informed by supporting documents, consultation on previous stages in the LDP2 process (pdf icon Main Issues Report [3Mb]) and input from key stakeholders.

The Draft Proposed LDP2 documents, as set out below, will be put before a meeting of the full Council on 26th June 2019 with a recommendation that the Council approves the Proposed Local Development Plan 2 and its supporting documents for publication and consultation. 

This webpage will be updated following the Council meeting with advice on the next stages of the Proposed Plan preparation including information on the forthcoming key consultation stage.


Proposed LDP2 Draft Documents

pdf icon Appendix 1 Proposed LDP2 - Proposed Plan [1Mb]

pdf icon Appendix 2 Proposed LDP2 - Action Programme [811kb]

pdf icon Appendix 3 (Part 1) Proposed LDP2 - Strategic Environmental Assessment [666kb]

pdf icon Appendix 3 (Part 2) Proposed LDP2 - Strategic Environmental Assessment Matrix [156kb]

pdf icon Appendix 4 Proposed LDP2 - Equalities & Human Rights Impact Assessment [351kb]

pdf icon Proposed LDP2 - Proposals Map 1 (Rural Area and Inset Key) [3Mb]

pdf icon Proposed LDP2 - Proposals Map 2 (Levern Valley Inset) [3Mb]

pdf icon Proposed LDP2 - Proposals Map 3 (Eastwood Area and Eaglesham Inset) [5Mb]





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