Supplementary Planning Guidance

Information about the Supplementary Planning Guidance that's been prepared to support the Local Development Plan.

Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) goes into detail about the policies and proposals of the Local Development Plan (LDP).

A review of the existing Supplementary Guidance adopted alongside LDP1 has commenced, however, until the Supplementary Guidance for LDP2 has been adopted, the existing documents will be used as non-statutory guidance and continue to provide more detailed guidance on the planning policies contained in LDP2.   

Adopted Local Development Plan (LPD2) - Supplementary Guidance  

3 statutory Supplementary Guidance documents have so far been adopted alongside LDP2.  
These are: 

DocumentDateLDP2 policy
Green Networks (PDF) [2MB] June 2023D4 
Affordable Housing (PDF) [662KB] June 2023SG4 
Development Contributions (PDF) [820KB] June 2023Strat 2 


The Householder Design Guide Non-statutory planning guidance (May 2023) has also been approved.  This guidance will not form part of the Adopted Plan and will be a material consideration only. 

Householder Design Guide (PDF) [357KB]

LDP1 Supplementary Guidance 

DocumentDateLDP policy
Waste strategy for new developments (PDF) [876KB] June 2018D1
Renewable energy (PDF) [1MB] January 2017E1
Dams to Darnley Country Park (PDF) [2MB] June 2015M2 / M2.2 / SP3
Daylight and sunlight design guide (PDF) [616KB] June 2015D1
Energy efficient design (PDF) [534KB] June 2015E2
Management and protection of built heritage (PDF) [977KB] June 2015D11
Neilston infill development strategy (PDF) [1MB] June 2015M8
Rural development (PDF) [1MB] June 2015D3
Residential street design (PDF) [1MB] June 2015D1


Last modified on 4 January 2024