Local Development Plan 3

Find out about the Local Development Plan 3.

We're at the start of preparing a new Local Development Plan (LDP3) for the East Renfrewshire Council area. 

The first stage in the preparation of LDP3 was finding out how communities and other stakeholders want to engage on LDP3 and receive updates. Two surveys were published to gather views, a 'Participation Survey' and a 'Youth Engagement survey'. The surveys were also used as a mechanism to raise awareness of LDP3 and the future timeline for the preparation of the Plan.  

The 'Pre-Engagement Surveys' analysis of responses can be found on our dedicated online  Local Development Plan hub.

The analysis has also informed the Development Plan Scheme (DPS)  and Participation Statement for LDP3.  The DPS set out the stages and programming for preparing the Local Development Plan, what is likely to be involved at each stage, and who will be involved.  

We have now launched our LDP3 Place Surveys

Effective community engagement is an essential part of local development plan preparation. The Council is committed to encouraging participation from everyone with an interest in the preparation of the Local Development Plan 3. Participation is important as it will help us prepare a plan that addresses the needs, aspirations and concerns of those who live, work, visit and invest in the area.

Please help us by filling in Your Place survey and let us know what you think about your place.

There are a number of different surveys for different groups of people, in order to gather as many views as possible: 

Your Place Survey

Your Place Young People Survey (for ages 13 - 25) 

Your Place Children's Survey (for ages 5 - 12) 

The surveys will be open until Monday 16 October 

Last modified on 18 September 2023