Moving within East Renfrewshire

Tell us about changes that affect your council tax including a change of address or the number of adults living in the property.

Service information

Customers need to register for council tax at an address by completing a moving home form.

If you're moving within East Renfrewshire you can tell us by registering for Council Tax Online.

Council Tax Online

If you don't have a MyEastRen or Council Tax online account and don't want to create one, you can submit a move within application online by going to the section, I've moved home.

Direct Debit

You can set up or amend a Direct Debit online when you sign up to Council Tax Online

We'll email you your Council Tax account number once your move application has been processed, you will need this to sign up to Council Tax Online. Check you've updated your new address with your bank before completing a Direct Debit application.

Last modified on 11 August 2023