Welcome to East Renfrewshire

Find out what you need to do if you've just moved into East Renfrewshire.

Welcome to East Renfrewshire

The checklist below will help you settle in and ensure you've done everything to make your move in go smoothly.

  • Move In application

Let us know you've moved into the area, complete a Move in application. This will give us details about when you moved to the property and who lives there so we can ensure your council tax bill is correct.

  • Direct Debit

Direct Debit is a quick and easy way to pay your Council Tax, we encourage you to do this by completing a Icon for pdf Direct Debit application [145.09KB]. Once completed send us your application using the 'submit evidence' link in your Council Tax Online account.

  • Council Tax Online

To view your Council Tax bill sign up to Council Tax online. Under popular services, you can view your bill.  You can use your bill for school registrations.

  • MyEastRen

MyEastRen our online account lets you access various council services in one place such as Council Tax Online, Parentsportal and you can check your bin collection days. 

  • School admissions

If you have children of school age, you should apply for a school catchment place for the primary or secondary school associated with your home.

  • Register to vote

Make sure you register to vote, you can do this online or phone the Electoral Registration on 0300 300 0150.


Last modified on 7 October 2022