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Planning and Building Standards

Make a planning application

How to apply for planning permission with the Scottish ePlanning service and the costs involved.

Planning applications can be created and submitted at:

ePlanning Scotland: Make a planning application

This is simple, quick to use and contains all the information you need to pay for and submit your application. If you are not already using this system we would encourage you to do so(the Scottish Government's consultants estimate that, on average, eplanning will save people applying £241 for every application provided online. This includes freeing up time for other work and quicker decisions as email and processes are quicker than traditional processes)

At the above website you can also apply for related consents such as Listed Building Consent, Conservation Area Consent, Certificates of Lawfulness, Tree Works, Advertisement Consent, Prior Notifications, Appeals and Reviews.

Please note that from the 1st April 2017 we will be adopting more electronic processes for dealing with planning applications.  We will be continuing for the meantime to accept applications and plans in paper format and these will be scanned into our systems. However the paper plans will now be disposed of once scanned, so if you need to update plans, you will need to submit new plans to us as there will no longer be paper plans to amend by hand. If you submit your application online via the national portal, then updated plans and additional information should be submitted via the portal as well.

We would ask you to note the following regarding the way that planning applications will be handled from the start of April 2017.

  1. You will be aware that all decision notices contain a schedule of the plans (and the plan numbers) that were the subject of the decision.  The online planning system displays online for four years the plans that were the subject of the decision.  Please note that the online plans will no longer be electronically stamped once the application has been decided. It will therefore be clear from the decision notice and the online system which plans have been approved or refused.  Also we will no longer be sending  'stamped' paper plans back to applicants/agents once the application has been decided (which we currently do for those submitting paper plans). 

  2. To make plans easier for the public to read online we would ask please for your assistance with the following:

    1. clearly label each plan that you submit (and as you submit and name it online) with a description of what the plan shows e.g. 'existing elevations' or 'proposed elevations';

    2. give each plan a unique number, include a version number if there is more than one iteration and also include a date;

    3. state the scale and the paper size, and use a scale bar on each plan (note that we will not accept plans that say "Do not scale from these plans", as we do require to be able to scale from plans);

    4. save and submit the plans in the correct orientation so that it opens the right way up in portrait or landscape format as appropriate;

    5. preferably submit plans on fewer/larger sheets (rather than multiple A4/A3 sheets) so that reading the plans and comparing existing and proposed plans is as easy as possible. We would ask where it is feasible that you put all of the existing plans and elevations onto one sheet; and all of the proposed plans and elevations onto another sheet;

    6. exclude irrelevant planning information such as construction/foundation details, and cross sections through buildings (unless it is a sloping site); and

    7. keep individual plans and documents below 5MB in size if possible.

Please also note that from 1st April 2017, the fee to be paid when planning applications have to be advertised in a local newspaper will increase to £187 which represents the cost of the advert.

Make a planning application

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