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Council's A Class roads ranked top in Scotland

£3million works programme underway


Published: 24 September 2020

We continue to top the list in Scotland for the condition of A Class roads, which are considered the most important carriers of road traffic in the area.

We also perform better than the Scottish average for B and C Class roads and have jumped up to eighteenth from twenty-seventh place in the local authority rankings.

In an ongoing effort to maintain and improve roads, resurfacing works with the £3million of additional investment is now safely underway.

As part of the 2019/20 budget, it was agreed to top up the existing annual roads resurfacing works programme with a further £15million over five years.

Every year a number of factors are taken into consideration when prioritising road maintenance. This includes the condition of the road or pavements and its usage, feedback received from the public and the geographical spread.

The roads and pavements included in this year's additional timetable of works covers a wide range of areas such as Crossmill Avenue in Barrhead, Newton Mearns' Meadowhill and Church Road in Giffnock.

Environment Convener, Councillor Alan Lafferty, said: 'I am pleased to see that not only are we ranked first for our A Class roads, but that we have seen a marked improvement in our overall position in Scotland. Improving the transport network is a vital part of encouraging economic growth and my fellow councillors and I are acutely aware of the importance which many people place on having well-maintained roads. The works underway will benefit residents, but will also support our work to showcase East Renfrewshire as an attractive place to live, work and visit.'

Here is a full list of the works programme:

Carriageway Resurfacing

  • C3 Neilston Road, Uplawmoor
  • Broomfield Avenue, Newton Mearns (Castleton Drive to Cul-de-sac)
  • Kilpatrick Gardens, Clarkston (Fereneze Avenue to Ailsa Drive)
  • Woodvale Avenue, Clarkston
  • Broomvale Drive, Newton Mearns
  • Doune Crescent, Newton Mearns
  • Greenwood Road, Clarkston (Buccleuch Avenue to Richmond)
  • Cathkin Drive, Clarkston
  • Church Road, Giffnock
  • Station Brae, Neilston
  • Alloway Drive, Newton Mearns
  • Turnberry Drive, Newton Mearns
  • C9 Humbie Road at Floors Road, Newton Mearns
  • C9 Eaglesham Road (Maple Avenue to Beech Avenue), Newton Mearns
  • Crossmill Avenue, Barrhead
  • Waulkmill Avenue, Barrhead
  • Meadowhill, Newton Mearns
  • Teawell, Newton Mearns
  • Warnock Road, Newton Mearns
  • Beech Avenue, Newton Mearns (Shaw Rd - Beech Crescent)
  • Alexander Terrace, Neilston
  • Mafeking Terrace, Neilston
  • Millview Terrace, Neilston
  • Elliot Avenue, Giffnock
  • Struan Avenue, Giffnock
  • Orchy Drive/Orchy Gardens, Clarkston
  • Kinfauns Drive, Newton Mearns
  • Kinloch Road, Newton Mearns
  • Cruachan Way/Cruachan Drive, Barrhead
  • Oakbank Drive, Barrhead
  • Douglas Drive, Newton Mearns
  • A77 Fenwick Road, Giffnock (Morrisons to Duelled Section)*
  • B677 Clarkston Road, Clarkston (Randolph Drive to Nethercliffe Avenue)*
  • C2 Kingston Road, Neilston (Glen Shee Avenue Southwards)*
  • A736 Levern Road (Glasgow Road), Barrhead (Cemetery to Hurlet)*
  • A736 Lochlibo Road, Barrhead (Lochlibo Terrace to Donnies Brae)*
  • B776 Rowbank Road (B775 Gleniffer Road to A736 Lochlibo Road)*

*Schemes previously approved by Council on 27 February 2020.

Footway Resurfacing

  • A736 Lochlibo Road, Barrhead (Lochlibo Terrace to Donnies Brae)
  • Kilpatrick Gardens, Clarkston (Fereneze Avenue to Ailsa Drive)
  • Woodvale Avenue, Clarkston
  • Woodside Crescent, Barrhead
  • Elliot Avenue, Giffnock
  • Struan Avenue, Giffnock
  • Kinfauns Drive, Newton Mearns
  • Orchy Drive/Orchy Gardens, Clarkston
  • Kinloch Road, Newton Mearns
  • Douglas Drive, Newton Mearns

The start of these works was delayed due to the Covid-19 restrictions placed on construction works.

Last modified on 3 November 2020