Grants and financial assistance

Find out about benefits you may be entitled to to help with the cost of living

There's a range of help available to help with the cost of living.

Help if you're experiencing illness or disability

If you or a family member are experiencing illness or have a disability, you could be entitled to assistance from social security. This includes Personal Independence Payment (PIP) (for adults under state retirement age), Attendance Allowance (for those over state retirement age), and Child Disability Payment, for children under 16, for new claims.

If you're too unwell to work, you may be entitled to New Style Employment and Support Allowance and/or Universal Credit with limited capability for work or work related activity

More information is available on the useful benefits section of our website.

Make a Carer's Allowance claim

If you are a carer, you may also be entitled to Carer's Allowance and/or an extra payment called the Carer's element within Universal Credit.

How much can I get?

You could be entitled to £69.70 a week in Carer's Allowance if you care for someone at least 35 hours a week and you, the person you care for and the type of care you provide meets the criteria.

How do I apply?

Making a claim could affect the benefits of the person you care for.

Contact our MART team call 0141 577 8420 or email for advice prior to submitting a claim.

Pension Credit

If you're over State Pension age, check if you're eligible for Pension Credit. It provides extra money for living costs as well as access to additional support. 

If you're of State Pension age and have savings, own your own home or have a retirement income, you may still be entitled to Pension Credit. 

Pensioner Cost of Living Payment

If you receive the winter fuel payment, you'll receive a one-off £300 payment this year to help cover the rising cost of energy this winter.

Council Tax

If you've fallen behind in your council tax payments this year, we understand there could be many reasons for this as it's a very challenging time for everyone.

You can pay your Council Tax online or check other ways to pay your council tax 

If you're having difficulty paying, contact our Money and Advice and Rights Team for free, expert, confidential advice at or call 0141 577 8420.  Alternatively contact Citizen Advice Bureau on 0141 881 2032.

Council Tax Reduction

You may qualify for council tax reduction if you're on a low income, such as receiving a benefit or low paid work.  Check who can get it and apply for a council tax reduction.

Council Tax Single Person Discount 

You can apply for a single person discount on your council tax if you're the only person aged 18 or over living in your home.  Single person discount reduces your bill by 25%.  

Find more information and apply 

Housing Benefit

You can apply for housing benefit if you pay rent or are on a low income. Check who can get it and apply for housing benefit

If you receive Universal Credit, you can't claim housing benefit. Instead you can claim the housing part of Universal Credit.

Discretionary Housing Payment

You may be eligible if you're having difficulty meeting your rent payments and are entitled to housing benefit or the housing element of Universal Credit.

Check who can get it and apply for discretionary housing payment

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Last modified on 20 September 2023