Request pre planning advice

Discuss your proposal with a planning officer prior to submitting a planning application.

Service information

Use this service to:

  • Request advice from a planning officer on a proposal prior to submitting a planning application
  • Find out whether your proposal is likely to be acceptable
  • Seek advice on planning policy or related matters relevant to your proposal

Find out more about the pre application process .

Before you start

You'll need to submit relevant plans, drawings and information

A fee is payable, which varies depending on the type of proposal. We will advise you before you submit your application what this is and it should be paid after you have submitted it. 

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What happens next?

A planning officer will check whether there is sufficient information submitted to enable a full response to be provided and contact you if more details are required.

For householders planning pre application enquiries you are able to select either a meeting or a written response. Thereafter, you will receive either a written response or will be contacted about a suitable meeting time.

For all other development types, an allocated planning officer will get in touch with you to make any necessary arrangements following your submission.

We aim to deal with your pre-application enquiries within the following timescales:

  • Householder Pre-application - 15 working days
  • Small scale local applications - 20 working days
  • Other Local Pre-application - 30 working days
  • Major Pre-application - 40 working day
Last modified on 1 April 2023